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I will professionally mix and master your song in one day for $5


I will master one of your songs (any genre/style) in one day .

You will receive a professional quality master through me and your song will be returned in 24 hours (48h in weekends) or less at no extra charge. I have worked with nearly every style including Rap/Hip-Hop, Rock/Metal, Dubstep, Country, Reggae, Industrial, Techno/Trance, World/Tribal and even Acapella tracks. Your song will receive more punch, warmth, presence, clarity and volume maximization bringing it to a professional radio ready status.

Here’s what you get for $5!

Each song is carefully processed with analog and digital equipment which includes Equalization, Compression, Hiss/Hum Reduction (if necessary), Exciters/Saturation, Multi-Band Processing, Stereo Imaging, Bass/Treble Management & anything else necessary for the Best Sound Possible.

Up to 5 tracks/stems mixed & mastered per song.

A 320kbps Mp3 or lossless Wav/Aif (if requested, at no extra cost!) of the finished song.

Message me for anything specific you want