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I will professionally proofread and edit any document up to 1000 words for $5


high percentage of people get irritated when they come across a grammatical error, typographical error, spelling error, etc when reading anything.

When a write up is not well organized, it will never catch the mind of the reader.

punctuation, presentation, coherence are necessities for any work. A good write up is not just about the idea behind it or the message it passes out, it has to do with the right presentation.

Don’t worry about your work, let me help with that. As a professional at writing, i know how to bring out the best of any write up or article.

what i will do for you:

correct any grammatical error

Re-write any poor sentence structure( with your approval)

correct any typographical error

correct all spelling error

correct repetition

give your work coherence and organization

give your work a professional polish

i work on any document. No restriction.

you have over 1000 words?

you want faster delivery?

please feel free to message me and also check out my gig extras.

your satisfaction is what i want.




What I’m doing wrong? i’m here about 2 months and just did it 3 works,