I will Promote, Advertise Your Ad Banner or Link in my Phone Apps to its' 10's of thousands of user


I decided to take a tip from the big guys like Apple and Google for advertising. This is a gig you want to get on as it will be a top seller real soon.

I am an IOS and Android Developer among other things and I have created lots of iPhone and Android apps with tens of thousands of downloads. These are actual users, potential clients or buyers of your business or product.

I will place your ad banner, link, video in one or more of my apps where users, no doubt REAL USERS, thousands of people who have downloaded my app Will See Your Ad / Link / Banner. The will see your ad every time they use the app and click on certain pages. Pop up ads are also available.

Can’t get any better than this. Must say “hi on this thread” and I’ll give you a bonus when you order :wink:



Well, good luck


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