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I will promote any link among 2 million Facebook members 2 days


Hi everybody,

I have a free offer with my gig. I am promoting links, web pages, gig with 2000000+ Facebook members.

I have decided to promote your link continuously 2 days for $5.

When you order my gig, I will promote your link among 2000000 FB users and will promote it in next day again among 2000000+ FB members as an EXTRA BENEFIT FOR YOU… NEXT DAY PROMOTION IS FREE FOR YOU… I will twice promote your link for same order.

It will be more cost effective for you.

Please check out my gig…


Sheriff’s Note: Place Your Self Promotion in the MYFIVERR GIGS section. Moved.


How come you haven’t got so many sales yourself?


Just contact me to promote your gigs, websites, videos :slight_smile:


Reply to @trafficsninja: lol good question


Reply to @mastershare: I contacted you but no reply from you :confused:


add my gigs to your collection and i will add your gigs to my collection

this are my gigs :


Reply to @mclabz: I replied you. But I received message which is not related to promotion.

I will contact you again.


Reply to @trafficsninja: I have got sales from Facebook promotion. Try once.


Reply to @jaikshat: Is it helpful to increase sales?


Reply to @jaikshat: I can help you to promote gigs.


Promote your gigs 2 DAYS FOR $5.


Hi there,

I promote your links among 2,000,000 real Facebook members:

2 days - for $5

5 days -for $10

4 days and twice a day - for $20

14 days ( 2 weeks) -for $40…

Cheers :slight_smile:


Promote any link worldwide.



Reply to @anhkurim: Please contact me.


Thank you!!!