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There is only ONE category for gig advertising. This is considered SPAM unless moved to that section which is ‘Fiverr Gigs’


What number is 30,00,000? Think you misplaced or left out a zero or comma there buddy? LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply @tawhidatanzima what kind of exaggeration is 30,00,000? I haven’t seen such an outrageous gig in a long time.

Looks like spam. Needs to be rectified



Reply to @dtongsports: Hi,
I am very sorry. by mistake i will select different category.
Thank you for notice me.

Reply to @r3k0d3d: Yes 30,00,000 google followers. This is first time on fiverr :slight_smile:

Reply to @wpdave: yes you are right. this is first time on fiverr.

Reply to @raybradbury: no this is not spam post lol