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I will promote your gig/crowd-funding campaign free of charge to thousands of followers for 5 days


We specialize in helping service providers / entrepreneurs gain positive traction.

If you have a gig or crowd-funding campaign which you need to effectively promote to your target audience, I will help customize and tweet your campaign for 5 days at no cost.

I do not accept 2 orders of the same niche category at the same time EXAMPLE: Two service providers offering to build a website; I will only promote the service of the first service provider for 5 days after which the similar service from the second provider will be promoted in the next round. This is to enable effective marketing of the messages I send across to the target audience.

This free service is open to 100 individuals only.

You can contact me through Fiverr here;

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@imoy10 If your free offer still available, please promote this gig below of mine

Thanks sir


Hi imoy,

I hope your offer is still there. I wanted to promote my non-profit crowdfund campaign. I have posted a link below, please let me know.



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Hi Imoy

I’d like to take you up on your offer. We are fund-raising for a charitable and environmental project for Sulawesi, Indonesia. I can be contacted at: 'Fragglesrock’

Best regards,


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Hello Imoy

I would also like to take you up on your offer. We are crowdfunding right now for a documentary film about artist and the recession: 'fragglesrock’

We can be reached at 'fragglesrock’

Look forward to speaking further.

Many thanks,

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Hello lmoy!

Thanks a lot for this forum and for your precious time. I’m heavily looking some attention grabing forums for My Caricature Gig. Here’s the Link of My Gig :

Thank you. :slight_smile:


Hello, just saw the offer. If it’s still valid, I’ve just started an indiegogo campaign for my animation and comic book projects. Here is the link:

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I am trying to get as much of the current housing in Manitoba, Eco friendly. I am asking for your help in sharing this link

In order to raise start up funds for this ambitious project. We would like to turn at least 6 houses this year 2014 Eco-friendly (green). With the hopes of doing another 10-14 next year. with each house it will cut down on energy consumption by up to 60% per household, and 70% water consumption. Which will over the course of the next 5 years save people hundreds, even thousands of dollars! Along with Savings, there will be less of an impact on the environment.

Again please share this link as much as you can!

Thank you!

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If your promotion Gig is still available I would like to take you up for promoting my Crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo

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Reply to @rickwilson: I truly like your idea, I’ll share your link :slight_smile:


I just now only saw your offer. If you promote my gigs against this offer it will a grea t help to me My giig urls are and


Hello i would really appreciate your help ! Thank you so much in advance !

Here is my gig link





Hi There!

New to Fiverr, I am an awesome remix DJ looking to peddle my custom Mashup services.

Those are the two gigs I’m working on now. Your promotion is greatly appreciated, and I’ll happily do the same for you!



We are a registered nonprofit in need of funding. We are now raising funds help us to reach our goal. thanks


Niki and Sofinka is unique children’s entertainment brand dedicated to promoting human virtues, family values, health and well being in joyful way. Created on 1 June 2013, shortly music videos were seen on YouTube by over 200 000 children throughout the world, regardless of age, sex, race or nationality.

We are looking for funding to promote all our programs.


Hello, Imoy. You do the great work, it is very neccessary for many people. I’d like to work with you and ask you to help me in promoting our project. Can we talk in skype or by e-mail? My skype: pr.emofix, e-mail:

Thank you.


Hello, i would appriciate you promoting any of the gigs you find appropriate to promote in my profile here at