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Hey Fiverrers! My names Jon. I’m trying to get a Facebook page started, but unfortunately, it has no content at the moment. The Facebook page is going to just be Fiverr gigs. Please post your Gigs below with a brief description and I’ll post it on the Page! In return, I would greatly appreciate it if you were to like the page yourself. That way, everyone wins! :smiley:

I did something like this before, but unfortunately I decided to delete the Facebook page as I had to focus on my schoolwork. However, I have some free time now, and I can once again Fiverr away!

Go ahead! POST AWAY!!

Happy Fivving!

-Jonathan Kim

This gig basically offers resume help. I have a pretty good track record of getting people at least to the interview portion of jobs they apply for.

Reply to @arielechevarria: Ok sure I’ll post it on the facebook page. But first could you possibly write a longer description? This is the description that will go up on the page itself; make sure to really sell your product :smiley:

Sure thing.

“Do you have one resume? Possibly it’s your ‘Go To’ resume and you send it to every job announcement without REALLY taking a closer look. With this Gig I am offering you a chance to get the most out of your resume. Most jobs are posted online these days and the people reviewing them generally skim over the hundreds of applicants. They don’t have time to read a long resume. With my help I can help focus your resume on what that employer is looking for. I’ll clean up your format, check for spelling mistakes, and give you tips to make it better! $5 is pennies in comparison to getting that higher paying job. Come check out my gig and if you have questions just let me know. I’d be happy to show examples of resumes I’ve written for others!”

Reply to @arielechevarria: Ok thank you! Please be sure to like the page! I’ll message you with a link.

look forward to it.

please check my other gigs













Hi! Kindly Promote my this Gig :smiley:

I will create Google Search Animation Video for $5

★★ Google Search Animation Promo Video intro Bumper ★ ★

If you are here on Fiverr because you’re looking for someone to create an Amazing Video Intro OR a 3D Logo

Intro to use to promote your business, then you are in the right place…

I will create an Amazing Video Intro which you’ll be able to use anywhere you want and need and it will surely bring you more sales = more money!

To ensure that you’re getting the best version of your video intro I’ll also give you unlimited revisions.


► Perfect for:

✓ Your Website

✓ Your YouTube Channel

✓ Your Company

✓ Your idea that is not listed here

► What you will get:

✓ HD RESOLUTION 1280 x 720


Place Order Here: - See more at:

Reply to @seo_designer: OK its posted! Please be sure to check out the facebook page and like it! After all, this entire thing is useless without promotion! I’ll send you a link. :smiley:

Can you please promote my services in your facebook page?

You have a business and you need to explain about your service or product to your potential clients? Of-course you can use a presentation and spend about an hour to explain everything… But what if he/she dont have 60 minute to spend? What if he/she only 60 sec? Tough ah!!! Not for us… We will make your “explaining” a bit interesting and we will present your ideas in the form they already enjoy… Yeah…! Though an explainer video… :slight_smile:

Order now and make a lead in 60 seconds or less… Happy explaining…


I just got an order for my Valentine’s gig, but it will be nice if I can get more.

Could you please add this gig to your facebook? Thank you!

Hello, can you add my newest gig to your page? It’s related with women. Here you go:

Reply to @inkbridge: Ok sure I posted it!

Now remember to check out the facebook page yourself! This works on a traffic-for-ad basis; so in order for me to post I need your like…

I’ll send you the facebook link for you to check out!

Reply to @zeus777: Ok it’s posted! Remember to like and comment on the facebook page in return. :smiley:

I’ll send you the link to the page itself. Thanks!

Hii I’m very new to fiverr. please promote my gigs too.In return i’ll like your page :slight_smile:

This is where you can get e books about Health and Fitness. There are 33 e books and it will provide to you with resell right. Therefore you can use these e books for your own benefit.

This will provide on PDFs document and by using these e books you can improve your Search Engine Optimization on your web site,blog etc…

Hi All,

I am new to fiverr Can you add this gig to your page please.

Thank you

Hi Jon! Can you add my gig to your facebook page please? Thank you!

Kindly post my gigs there too… Thanks.

Have any quote, lyric, encouragement, that you know you’d love to see printed on your wall?!? … Well, this is the place! Just tell me the lines you want, and I’ll make it happen!

I will make quotation pictures for you that will definitely help you in promoting

your business on :-




Facebook Fan Pages.


Or any other stuff like that.

All you have to do is to provide me your quotations and your work will be done according to your expectations.

Place your order here:

Could you post mine? I’ll like your page! Thanks

Pick a subject, an idea, a theme, or any other criteria and I will try my best to make a short video (maximum length 3 minutes) about it.

I’m a filmmaker with a six year history of constant projects with close friends. I have plenty of interested actors, props and great set locations throughout the city which I can utilize.

Let me know what you want in more detail and we can work it all out. Together, we’re limited only by our combined imagination (and my personal resources).

Hey! I would love to be a part of this. Here’s my gig and descriptions:

Gig 1:

Do you want to be noticed by people? It has been statistically proved that an attractive header provides a better selling ratio and entices customers to give your page a second glance! With my gig, I aim to deliver just that to you!

Order now and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Being a level one seller with a positive rating of 100% and an average response time of 3 hours, I assure you that I shall cater to your every need. I provide unlimited revisions. If you have a hiccup, feel free to ask for a revision and I will work till you are COMPLETELY satisfied.

Gig 2:

Is your paper due but you have no time to correct it? Small and seemingly insignificant errors might make you lose that grade you have always wanted to achieve! My aim is to deliver a polished and professional manuscript suited to your needs! Your paper will be professionally edited and made error-free within 8 hours (generally earlier) of your order.


2000 words of smooth, error-free writing combined with an overview of the errors in the document

Authentic resources to improve your paper

Fast and friendly communication

Incredible service

Satisfaction guaranteed

Money-back policy is employed

Order now and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Being a level one seller with a positive rating of 100% and an average response time of 3 hours, I assure you that I shall cater to your every need. I provide unlimited revisions. If you have a hiccup, feel free to ask for a revision and I will work till you are COMPLETELY satisfied.