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I will promote your link to 5 million FB group members

We will Advertise /Promote/Expose your Business, Products, You tube, Website, Shop, page,Video or Any other Link with Message to over 5 million fb group members…

We have a member of Some group with more than 5 Million+ real members. promoting deal very powerful and effective way.

If you want to make popular to your website or any URL, if you want to represent your website to million people within short time and very quick way, then hit us up!!!

What makes your promotion powerful? Who is in the group? How many posts per day are made in the group? What is the average impression count of posts to the group?

I’m always skeptical of social-marketing that isn’t organic, but I’d love to hear what makes you unique!

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Thank you very much for taking note on our post. Sir, our groups are majorly internet marketing, mlm, networking and various money making groups. These groups allow only 1 post per day, the average impression count of posts to the group is over 50%

50% of what exactly?

I’d assume 5mil. It thats true, 2.5 million impressions isn’t bad. It would be interesting to know how well those posts convert though @fiverseolite

Interesting demographics, definitely seem cool for certain products / opportunities.

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Are you promoting to bots or people? And where did you get the crowd

I promote to people, not bots