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I will promote your link worldwide with over 80 millions people via facebook

Do You want to promote your link with 80+millions Facebook fans for two days,two times.

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Reply to @ronaldoc:

Hey, this gig sounds great! I’ve just made a new gig:

Do you think we could reach a deal whereby you promote it and then I pay you the $5 when I get my first five sales. If you have 80 million people, only 1 in 16 million people has to buy it for you to get it.

The reason I’m not paying you straight out is that I don’t want to lose money before I’ve sold anything, and I’m pretty sure that, out of 16 million people, someone is going to want a translation :slight_smile:

So we both win and sell our gigs if this is successful! Let me know what you think.


Obviously you would be promoting the gig page, not the forum page :stuck_out_tongue: