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I will promote Your Website or Anything to 17Million Keyword Target Fans And Followers

Hi Everyone,
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Social media is the most valuable place for Company & Individual to create a cordial relation with new and excising customers & broadcast any businesses/messages across.

For $5usd Basic Gig, I will make a research for Groups/pages of 17 Million members in your keyword and run your Campaign over and over until you get minimum 5500 - 6600 Social VlSlTORS/CLicks .

Website/Blogs/Business Link/Products/Stores/Video/Song, Or Any business are accepted.


we are new on fiverr.con but almost 86,000 buyers are satisfied On our platform

We have access on most Groups and Pages with huge Followers

Unlimited Visits with no daily limits guaranteed

Screenshot & ■■■■■■ Tracking link for all customer

Customer satisfaction or money back if not satisfied


KEYWORD targeted Social Campaign

Improve Visibility On Google Search

Increase social network popularity

Traffics 100% SAFE. No Penalize

P.S: You may get sales/leads/opt-ins from this service but its not guaranteed, we can’t control visitors actions.

Please don’t ask or give personal contacts: we only operate here on Fiverr and we respect the ToS.

Thank you


Do you promote Facebook page ?

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I’d lose the word ‘con’ from the end of your name. It doesn’t fill people with confidence!

Oops @homeestates, This is so funny !

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Supperr !!! thats really great social reach strength you have! In future i may get in touch with you if such need arises.

Thanks & Regards,

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How? The account doesn’t exist anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

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:slightly_smiling_face: Oh okay! I am new to fiverr, i was just exploring topics and interacting. Thanks for the info!

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