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I will promote your website page more than 10000000 people on HQ Facebook groups

I will blast your Website, Product, eBook, Video, Affiliate , indiegogo, Money site, Blog, Real Estate or any kind of legit LINK from up to 10 MILLION Facebook members.

free bonus: post on my twitter with 300,000 active and loyal followers

l will complete the order in 2 days for good results it takes few days.

I know what doesn’t work and I know where to look for the correct outcome.

Let’s get to the point. This gig is for Facebook Advertising. You can give me anything that you wish to be promoted and I will work my magic.

Gig Features :

100% Safe

100% Satisified Customer’s

Express Delivery with all proofs

Customize promo message as your wish

You can use a short link to tracking traffic status

18-32 Age Range

I will promote your link in front of 1000000 Eyes On Facebook.

I will deliver your order within 48 hours and deliver with proof via Screenshots!

We hope this service interest for your business and there is a great chance to boost SEO and increase traffic. We never delete messages once posted. Most fans from USA and UK ( also Worldwide )

We do not accept : Adfly and ad focus links.

Exclusively On Fiverr. We Respect Fiverr TOS.

Hello My name is Taylor Durling owner of Danestar records DSR rock-n-Radio and DSR Rock-N-magazine

I would like to use your service,could you send me the link?

I would like to link my pages to yours to cross promote FOR YOU ALSO.

My links; http://FRAGGLESROCK

Thank you for all Efforts.

Sheriff’s Note: Off Fiverr links that are not allowed.

Thank you for all you efforts.

Hey Sir

You can order in my gigs


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If you can blast to that many people… Then why bother posting here? Just advertise your gig to your more than 10000000 people. I’m sure you’ll get sales if you do that. No need to post your gig on this little ol’ forum.

not bad

Fiverr loves it! I think that everyone has the right to do so! Is not it so?

Best regards


@smokings - I think you’re missing the point.

I mean. Why do you need to post here? If you know so many people then why not advertise your gig to them and sell a million gigs! You don’t need to try and sell gigs on this forum. There’s only like… 100 people here. Why settle for 100 when you can sell to 10000000. Right?

Please Read carefully what I do in my gig Sir

You want me to put my gig that I’m doing a post in my group 10 million in his own group? All the people who see these posts and they both in the same group they can make a post!

I mean that people who are already in this group of 10 million, they will not buy from me the opportunity to post as they can!

Kind regards





Hi there. i am new to fiverr, but my experience to make a portrait drawing is not new.
I will put awesome tattoos on you or remove body tattoos expertly
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