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I will promote your youtube channel grow fast on real people

You seem to post this everyday on the forum.
Do you realize we are all sellers as well? I doubt any/many are interested in this service. Posting it isn’t going to make people want to buy it.
Furthermore, the advice I gave you last week still stands. 1000K = one million. There are also a ton of mistakes in your gig description.

thank u sir…
my new title:
I will advertise your website 10 million college,university student

I think people misunderstood the term gig promotion,However this misunderstanding with a marketing expert seems so unprofessional and raises questions on his/her professional accord. I don’t criticize anyone but i think some sellers are abusing fiverr in disguise of beautiful girls who can barely write english can barely know what they are doing. This is an Eclipse for the talented people because the site has already been crowded upto a very extent and because of this people talks about fiverr sellers about their scams and poor communication skills. I myself Encountered people saying fiverr is full of idiots who will sell you world for five bucks when they are new to the system.


my gig edit…
I will advertise your website 10 million college,university student

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Wonderful :smiley:
Consider this one, “I will Advertise your website to 10 Million People” :slight_smile:

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thank u
you are welcome… my gig

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