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I will promote your YouTube video to real views for $5

I will promote your YouTube video to real views. Once an order is received it usually takes a day to see change in views and about 3 to completely finish showing the view count.

These are for worldwide views of your video. Country specific views cost a little more. However I can do anything you’d like. Message me for custom orders!

For the buyer’s information, YouTube hides the view-count for a while to ensure that they are legit. This means that the correct number may not show up for a day or two after order has been completed (this will be the same for any person promoting your video).

Order includes following :

★ Worldwide views with different ip

★ 100% satisfaction & high retention

★ All are safe & permanent

★ Improving SEO rankings on Youtube

★ Super fast delivery.

★ Not 301+ freeze & unblock

★ Splittable (maximum2)

★ 24/7 customer servic

Spamming the forum isn’t the way. Place in ‘Fiverr Gigs’ category or risk being banned from the forum for spammy behavior

Dear Sir
What Is your Problem?

Reply to @maxkonok: problem is that you didn’t respect the rules! Please take a look at Fiverr Do’s & Dont’s (link in on top of every forum page): you’ll find that self-promotion threads MUST be published in MY FIVERR GIGS section.
I’ve already moved your posts.

Reply to @mark74: C Please Helps? How Can I have some Orders ? I am new at fiverr. Please give me how can earn i am some dollar in fiverr !!

Reply to @maxkonok: spamming forum and other sellers inboxes (as you already did with me) is definitely the worst way you may think of.
It takes less than one minute to search this forum: you’ll find loads of threads about getting orders…