I will proof read your 1200 words perfectly for $5


Are you having problems with your documents, I guess this is where you will get your final solution because I am a professional when it comes to correction of grammatical errors and I will do it for you in a perfect way, I can enhance your writing in business correspondence, academic documents and for social writing, I will focus on expressing your ideas while I ensures that your sentence structure, grammar, spelling and punctuation is perfect. I will get smart suggestions to rephrase your documents that are in line with your intended message. I will offers you different options that convey your message with more clarity and style and also expand your communication options with easy access to synonyms and word definitions.

Examples are:

Contextual spelling

I ate hamburgers four dinner

I ate hamburgers for dinner

Grammar – Indefinite article

I want apple

I want an apple

Grammar – Verb tenses

I will go there yesterday

I went there yesterday

Split/Merge words

Do not heat in micro wave

Do not heat in microwave


Your eCard is loarding

Your eCard is loading

and so on, Expect a perfect job from me