I will proofread 1500 words of writing professionally for $5


Hi there! I will proofread and edit any type of writing up to 1,500 words for merely $5!

I hold great passion for the English language and writing in a proficient manner has always come naturally to me. I can help make your piece of writing sound professional and if the need arises, I will restructure your sentences, fix your grammar, punctuation, syntax and spelling. If you have any doubts, or would like me to proofread a document that exceeds 1,500 words, then just send me a message and we’ll work things out. I will do my best to deliver your document swiftly. If you’re hesitant to order my gig, please message me so that I could provide you with a writing sample of my own to assure you of my credentials.

Here’s the link to my gig:


I’m looking forward to working with you!