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I will proofread and edit 3,000 words FAST


• Even though you’re great at your job, do you still struggle sending a clear, engaging email or newsletter?

• Do you feel like you have great content, but just need someone who can fine tune it for an English speaking audience (catching punctuation errors, awkward sentences, and word use)?

• Are you at a loss for where to go with what you’ve written and need some honest feedback to clean up the errors and progress you forward?

Not using correct punctuation, not excluding unnecessary information, not paying attention to the organization of the information, and not paying attention to the flow of the information can make you come across as lazy, less educated, or confusing to your reader. You want to send messages and write documents that make you seem competent, that clearly deliver your message, and that get you the results you need-- whether that’s gaining a following, making a good impression, or just making money, and that’s what I do as your editor: I make you appear at your best, and help you deliver your message and achieve your goals.

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