I will proofread and edit 700 words


Have you written an essay, an article or a blog post, and need someone to proofread/edit it for you to eliminate errors before submitting it?

What you have to do is to submit your text in Word format.

What I will do:

Correct your spelling mistakes
Correct your grammar
Correct your punctuation
Enhance your vocabulary to diversify your writing (example; replace words with synonyms where a word is overused or replace a word with one with a higher level of English)

I will correct your errors in red.

After the editing, you will receive two documents from me; one with the corrections so you will know where the editing has been done and the other without.

I only proofread texts in English.

Kindly note that I do not edit legal papers or documents containing sexual content.



Think about what makes you different and include it in your gig description. People want a reason to choose you so let them know why you are so good at what you do.


I think you need to do a bit more market research. There are a ton of level 2 writers who offer the same service at a lower price, faster and they have the reviews to back up their quality. For example, I recently worked with musihality. If you check out his gig then you should be able to pick up quite a few tips. Video intro, education details, multiple packages, competitive prices etc. and his unique value is probably the fact that he’s running a start-up company offering proofreading service. So I was confident that he will be able to deliver.

Now, my goal is not to promote his gig, but I wanted to show you at least one example rather that just saying work harder :slight_smile:

As @homeestates mentioned, you need to either come up with something that your competitors haven’t thought about or your service needs to be faster & cheaper.