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I will Proofread and Edit your assignments (essays, articles, blog posts, etc.) up to 1800 words. $5


I will Proofread and edit your assignment by:

*Checking to see if format of assignment is correct.

*Checking and fixing grammar.

*Fixing miss used words like there, their, they’re, who, whom, its, it’s, whether, weather, etc.

*Fixing typos.

*Checking for run on sentences, etc.

I will accept any assignment up to 1800 words for $5. Although I’m willing to go over 1800 words if it’s less than 100 more words.

I am extremely talented at what I do as I am currently a freelance writer for various people.

Currently writing a book (not a previous author), so I am interested in the subject of writing and editing English assignments.

Visit my link:

In the future I may start writing for fiverr if anyone is interested in purchasing writing jobs.