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I will proofread and edit your document up to your satisfaction
Errors corrected so far:

-Original: My older sister is called Faith

Revised: My elder sister is called Faith

-Original: Matthew visit her aunt in Sundays

Revised: Matthew visits his aunt every Sunday

- Original: My uncle give me some good advices

Revised: My uncle gave me some good advice.

Do you have an important document or book that needs to be proofread or rewritten in clear, engaging language to make it stand out and leave a strong impression?

Is it a Microsoft word file and more than 3000 words? This gig is for you!!!

This is not just a basic proofreading service. Each package includes line rewriting to correct: grammars, idioms, syntax, idioms, structural issues and so on.

I will use my critical skills to offer a tailored feedback that enables you as the author to do so.

I look forward to helping you make every word count!!!

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