I will proofread and edit your words,need orders help




Your Gig description has some serious capitalization issues…among others.


None of your Gigs reposes any confidence in me to purchase the services you offer.

I notice you are continuously posting new topics relating to each of your Gigs. Setting aside the fact that the Forum Rules probably forbid this practice, that is not a good way to go about receiving orders.

With all respect due, having read your proofreading and editing Gig’s description, I would say you have no business offering that service. Good luck to you in any event.


First off: I don’t care if the truth offends you.

Second: you should offer things that you actually can do. Proofreading and editing isn’t one of them. You are not even able to write a correct post title.

Nobody in their right mind would let you anywhere near their material.


Thanks for letting me know my mistakes, I appreciate you all god bless you take care.


Sometimes I like to picture you sitting in a grim bar in New York with a bowl of peanuts, slowly picking your teeth with bones of your day’s victims, after yet another forum shift spent verbally flaying the ‘how do I mek sell’ horde.

If I had time, I’d turn you into a character in a book.


I don’t get why people even consider offering a proofreading service.

Master the language first you must! The skill you must seek young padawan.


sometime Students dont have the skills to make a good work redacting. even if they got a great idea, even in College. x.x)… (sad true)

PD: English is not my native language… xD