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I will proofread/edit or rewrite your work! (looking for critiques)

If you have any creations you’d like proofread and edited:

If you have any writing you’d like rewritten:

Over the course of the last week I’ve done some serious modifying to these gigs! (As well as added two more)

If you’ve got the time, I’d like to hear your critiques! I’ll give advice back to you since an outside perspective is always nice. (unless you’re a Fiverr master, then I’m sure you’re perfect:p)

Hi :slight_smile:

I think your Gigs are great. And your profile description and tagline are great too. Your Gig descriptions awesome - at least this is my view. I have 2 comments.

The first is about your “create 5 general writing topics” Gig. The image is somehow confusing. I think it would need a more minimal design in order to be easily read in the “river” of Fiverr search. The potential buyer of this Gig is in confusion and needs clarity. A clear image will make them feel more secure.

The second will maybe seem strange but I will tell you, since you have asked. I think that you are charging too cheap. Please don’t take me wrong, I just want to help. I understand you are probably doing it in order to get the first buyers that will Level you up. But you know, sometimes this can have the opposite of the wished effect. E.g. one may think that ‘what you are selling is not original work so you don’t mind selling cheap’ or that you don’t value your own work. To make it clear I do not mean that this is what you are actually doing! I am saying that some visitors of your Gigs may think so. Another thing: imagine if one day you get 5 or 10 orders in a few hours…

I hope that helped and of course I don’t say “I know better”. I just shared my first impressions. Wish you lots of sales :slight_smile:

And one more tip:

From what I’ve learned during 2 years in this Forum, been a Fiverr seller and buyer here, I understand that it is good to keep a basic “good” service on ANY Gig for only $5. Even if you are a Top Rated Seller.

Then add in the Extras another “amazing” service that can be combined with the basic order. And one more “awesome” service to be combined with the previous two! So often, when the buyer is not stingy, they may order from your Extras as well. Of course the generous ones may leave a Tip.

It is not cheating them. If we see our life-time as precious and our work as outstanding then both Seller and Buyer should make the most out of any order. Both :slight_smile:

Regards :slight_smile:

Reply to @happyspace: I appreciate you taking the time to leave a couple critiques!
I’ll probably change the gig photo as you suggested soon, I do see what you mean. I started getting a few more views when I changed it to the rose…but that plateaued pretty quickly.

Do you really think I’m charging too little? I actually hadn’t considered that. My customers are so far all really happy with my work, so I’m definitely not selling sub-par writing, editing, etc. Of all the criticisms to receive, this is by far the best!

Thanks again for your time :slight_smile: Wishing you the same!

Reply to @pyridoxal: Well, yes. I am sure (quote) “My customers are so far all really happy with my work”. Because your work is probably as good as it looks in the Gig-description AND cheap. You are making them too happy! I think they will understand if you want to make some money from your good work. Fiverr should be a win-win situation! :slight_smile: