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I will proofread your book with a fast turnaround


Do you have a book nearing publication? I have been a professional line editor for 12 years. My clients have consisted of fiction and non-fiction authors. I’ve read through mysteries, thrillers, mysteries, and adventure stories. My line editing process is thorough and accurate. It was a method I first came across while editing news stories in a bustling college newsroom. Now that I work from home, I have adopted the method and use it to edit full-length books.

Each document is thoroughly checked for all grammatical and punctuation errors. Sentence structure, consistency and readability errors are all vitality important. Active and passive voice is another big error I find in novels. I can help you sort this out. And, those tricky homonyms (words like to/too/two…hear/here; reign/rain) won’t slip past me. Additionally, I check the wordiness, verb tenses and every sneaky comma which causes a sentence splice.

Read through my reviews on my page. You are in great hands if you choose me as your proofreader. All documents I proofread remain confidential. I will neither share nor distribute your book without your permission. I am an ethical author and former journalist. Having that said, I abide by copyright law, which states all writing is copyrighted at its time of creation.

Moreover, I am communicative all throughout the process. I will give you feedback as I’m reading your book. This is in addition to the track changes I leave in your Word document. Not only do I check the grammar, syntax, and punctuation, but I will check aspects of your book’s genre as well. These include fictional aspects of characterization, plot, setting, POV, conflict, action and so forth. I have helped writers fill in character descriptions or plot holes within their story. You can count on me to help you with your story’s hook, or lift a flat setting into a more authentic story world.

So, what do you say? I look forward to working with you. Contact me and I will give you a free ten-page editing sample. Let’s see if my editing style is a perfect fit for your book. I’m ready to get to work!