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I will provide 70 ILLUSTRATOR sport and street clip art for $5


hey designers…

I will provide an Adjustable sport & street clip art collection Our new, great book on sport, street and urban lifestyle.

The book is divided into main sections each one

dedicated to a different theme:

GLOBAL INFLUENCE: Flavours and tastes all around

the world.

HOLIDAY TASTE: Dreaming freedom and fun with

the colours and the feeling from the Hawaiian

beaches to the California Highways.

ATHLETIC TRAINING: modern and classic for a

dynamic lifestyle.

URBAN ZONE: searcing the soul of the urban life,

to create an alternative lifestyle.

AGGRESSIVE SPORTS: Skateboarding, inline roller,

bmx and snowboarding for an aggressive image.

AMERICAN SPORTS: baseball, football, basketball

and hockey, a touch of tradition with a new look.


Our clip art help increase productivity by making the design process quicker. In fact it is so easy to add high quality original clip art to any graphic works in a few minutes.

All of the graphics in this collection are in EPS format, which means that you can scale them to any size without loss of quality.

Each file can be easily opened in Illustrator, FreeHand, Photoshop or CorelDraw and colored to your choice.

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