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I am Digital Marketing specialist. I am highly experience. Email Marketing is a really cost-effective way to get your message into the inbox of key decision makers. Simply tell me about your marketing campaign and i will try to get the most effective email data lists. Data will be created from any combination of Industry Sector, Business size, Geographical location and job title.

My Service

Active Email
Targeted niche based Business email
Extract from popular site
Collect email from popular site
100% satisfaction guarantee

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I would love to buy email address. I am NOT an expert about email strategy. I read some information from the other forum that buying email address is ILLEGAL because these people didn’t sign up for it My question is, IF I have these email address and send some offer like coupon for example, Will my offer deliver into the “INBOX” NOT SPAM? Please convince me and give some support information that the email address won’t go into the SPAM folder.