I Will Provide EXCELLENT Cover Letter


Cover letter is important and according to a recent survey, seen by almost half of recruiters as being as important as the Resume itself. It’s often your first direct communication with a your recruiter when applying for a job. You need to get it right. that’s what this gig is all about.

I once had an employee that told me that the only reason I got an interview is because they liked the “voice” behind my cover letter. It was exactly what they were looking for on their Human Resource team. I would edit, write from scratch your cover letter with necessary keywords such that you can land interviews in the same manner.

My outstanding cover letter includes:

100% customized to job positions
Expertly & concise writing
Strong introduction
Clear formal language
Relevant details

Be sure to review the gig packages in full detail before ordering. If you’re not clear on what’s offered, send me a quick message beforehand so we can work something out.

Make the right impression today!