I will provide flawless and fast audio/video transcription


Hello, great to have you here!
I will deliver a flawless, fast and expert transcription service.
I am a trained and experienced transcriber with years of experience working with a team of expert transcribers. We pay attention to details and deliver intelligent transcripts.
In this gig you get:

Editing & Proofreading
Spelling/grammar checks
On-time Delivery
Time Stamp indicator i.e [inaudible][00:04:16)
Clean Verbatim transcription( excluding stutters, nonverbal signs, hmm, err, you know or it’s like unless requested for).
Custom Formatting
Speaker Identification
Hyperlinks to google search for names, acronyms, terminologies, corporate jargon etc.

Don’t take my word for it visit my gig at www.fiverr.com/adaiahcole to verify my claims.