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I will provide HQ 60000 Facebook Followers up to 1,5 million

What We Offer?

I won’t waste your valuable time making you read a giant page of ridiculous claims and guarantees, I’m going to keep this simple and tell you honestly and exactly what you’re paying for.

For $5 I will be providing you 60,000+ Facebook Followers in Your desired Profile in 48 hours!

Features about the gig:

1.It is for Facebook Accounts only, not for pages!

2.Max 2 Splits available in per order.

3.It never decreases, only increases!

4.Refund available.

5.24 Hours Customer Support.

6.48 Hours Exact Delivery but sometimes late due to Facebo0k updates!


•This gig is not for Facebook Pages or Group (not like or fan).

•You can Multiple orders for 2 Profile links.

•Order more times. Upto 1.5 million foll0wers per account.

Amazing to say the least! :))

If I’m not mistaken, I believe friend/follower systems like this are against the rules for Facebook personal accounts. You might want to be aware of the legality of this if you continue with these gigs. If Facebook were to find out that you’re doing this, they’ll delete your Facebook account.

Not to mention the fact that 60,000 random followers on Facebook are completely useless. Facebook is built on the notion of social connections. Systems like this provide hapless buyers with fake followers that are of no benefit to the person being followed.