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I will provide Verified Email Account


Email is essential for business purpose and personal uses.Email is very popular around the globe for both personal & corporate communication. Email create is the key to success in digital marketing. I’ll create any categories email account for you.

Here is my gig link:

Thank you

What do you mean by verified? Are you charging $10 to sign people up for an email address?

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verified mean valid or fresh.I will create phone verified new email aaccount. do not sing up for 10$ but also I will create 11 gmail account for 10 $.

You shouldn’t let anyone else create an email address for you. A lot of private information gets sent to your email address. Bank card information, password resets, confidential emails, etc.

If you make them for people then you’ll have access to that information also… You’re saying you’ll phone verify them, which means you’ll be able to reset the password after you’ve gave them over to your client. I don’t get why anyone would pay for this gig, it takes 1 minute to make an email for yourself. It sounds like a scam to me or a way of building a mailing list to sell on to people.