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I will provide you 10000 facebook likes within 4 days for $5

Hello ,

How are you? I am a social Media marketing (SMM) expert and i am interested to work in smm sector.

In this gig i have great offer only for Christmas !!!

10000 facebook likes provide you within 4 days

i am confident that you would like my work. If provide one opportunity to work with you , you must take me as your permanent employee.


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Tell me the time it will take to reach that?

Reply to @ozairseo: ozairsei … do you want to buy this gig … i can give you within 4 days

i don’t understand my gig is denied !!!

Facebook don’t like you selling likes/ bot accounts

bots don’t work bro. It’s also a thing fiverr needs to crack down on because it potentially can massively harm someones work.

I made an exact MOCK thread of what you guys do to get people to squirm into that type of stuff, it really needs to stop and it’s good that it has been denied.

Hello friend i want to promote my fan page

I understand the point of this thread but there’s a lot of BS floating around in here as well.

First off. Yes. Some of us do exist but we’re very rare. What do I mean? I mean sellers that don’t sell Bots and provide real Likes.

I’m one of them. With over 10000 sales and Zero negative reviews I think my service speaks for itself.

It’s taken years to build a reliable group of Likers and in those years I can only reliably send 100.

Most are Bots. Generally, no matter what they write you need to look for a few things. If they promise to “Replace any likes that drop” than they use Bots.

Real likes don’t drop. Ever. Why? What happens is Facebook finds and deletes fake accounts. So any page liked by that “Fake account” will become un-liked because the account is deleted.

So basically watch for anyone who promises to replace dropped likes. It’s generally Bots they use.

Also look for unrealistic numbers… like the title of this post.

How can anyone promise 10 000 people will like a page in 6 hours? Or 24? It’s impossible. Even celebrities don’t really get those kind of numbers in that amount of time. So how does this person do it? Bots. Software.

One thing to note, on my service anyhow is if you are looking for sales conversions or interactions… It doesn’t really happen to often.

Here’s why.

I post fresh links on my forum. I also pay people a small amount to like pages. (Some people chosoe to get likes for their own pages instead… but that’s not the point). These/My people will like the pages as fast as they can to earn more. Most don’t even look at what they like. They go as fast as they can to make more money. So odds are they didn’t really even look at your page to see what it is about.

Not always… but 90% of the time.

But the likes are real. Safe. Good for SEO/Facebook search and never drop. Most people use my service to secure a vanity name for their pages… or for just slight boosts in numbers. But like I always say. " You can buy a Like but you can’t buy a fan ".

So real? Yes. From me they are. Are they “Real” fans? Yes and no. Yes as in they are real accounts/people but no… they probably didn’t even look at your page.

There are benefits to getting a slight numbers boost even if they don’t interact though. Mainly in the Search/SEO areas. More likes (Real ones) more coverage of your page. Plus, your page shows up on their newsfeed for others who may actually be interested.

Real likes and no bots? There’s only a few of us that provide them. And like I said… any kind of promise to re-add dropped likes generally means they are bots.

i need 25000 Facebook like if you can do just inbox me i will order you .you must send me with price list

thanks -

Inbox me i need to buy asap.