I will provide you with seasonal/holiday photographs for your documents and more for $5


I can provide you with seasonal/holiday photographs of which in turn you may use in documents or for any type of illustrative purposes on your part. I have photos of just about every season and major holiday/celebration (i.e. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Saint Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day). These images would serve well for anyone needing a photograph for illustrative purposes such as in documents, greeting cards, calendars, etc.

The pricing structure is as follows: five (5) photographs for $5.00 ($1.00 for each), or two (2) photographs for $5.00 ($2.50 for each). If, at your request only, you would like an image(s) revised/edited a certain way (i.e. in black & white, cropped, resized, etc.) an additional $5.00 will apply. If possible, please tell me how you plan on using the image(s) ahead of time so I have an idea of your needs. Thank you.