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I Will Rank Your Fiverr Gig On First In Fiverr Search Engine

No wait, I wont do that this guy says he would do it;

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Later he tells me that its not guaranteed but it would boost my ranking, on asking what would it affect, impressions? Views? Clicks? or sales?

“No, you order package or no”



Interesting that he doesn’t do it for his own gig and also that neither of the two reviewers he has have had any sales…

Also, this type of gig is against ToS as it is selling Favorites.
Finally, there is nothing to say that having a lot of Favorites has any effect whatsoever.


Can you share?


Yes its simple, just try to drink your coffee from your nose, once done come back to Fiverr and BOOM!




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It sounds like a great gig if only it were true and allowed.


There are 3 gigs with that title. I checked the first one and, oddly enough, he is not on the first page.

_My dear friends _
Now days many people faces problems their gig
_I will fix all that error for few dollars _
and my service doesn’t ends here while hiring me I will also rank your gig on first page search result by increasing favorites which promotes your business on Fiverr and boost your orders

What exactly I do for boosting your gig ranking

The next gig is not on the first page either. Neither is the third one.
I looked under “recommended” and “reviews”.


The first page for keywords that have a lot of competition is impossible.

If you can not do seo.
We recommend that you hire a true expert in keyword research and placement of articles and submit directories.

My post was referring to SEO on fiverr, for the fiverr search engine. That’s what this thread is about, not Google.

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Seo off page fiverr is very complicated.
Only those who have many reviews survive on page 1 of fiverr search

Not true. Not at all.

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