I will Redesign your Resume/cv with my Creative touch


Are You a JOB HUNTER? Do you want to get selected on your Deserved Well-paid JOB? Answer is Obvious.

But question is how?

First of all you have to fulfill their Requirement, otherwise thinking about that job and keeps hopes about that job is pointless. But the thing is even-though you have fulfill their requirement they are not calling for even interview. Why is that?? Problem is your resume doesn’t market your skills, it doesn’t show your smartness.

What Resume Do is??

Resume or Curriculum Vitae is the Document that market you. YES, it's market your skills, your experience and your potentials

That is why you should have a smart and Elegant Resume design. Just invest some of your valuable time and gather your all information that can be market yourself. Then you can come to my gig and just purchase a one GIG and see the deference. pls trust me you would be the smartest candidates on your interviews.

I have different Ways to present your skills and potentials, I do redesign your word document with creative touch, and I make PDF resume, and even I make your ordinary looking word document of PDF document in to a smart and interactive web design.

Old Resume >>>>>>>process>>>>>> BIG WOW here.

O1 Gig: Word / PDF >>> Word Document (2days)
O1 Gig: Word / PDF >>> PDF Document (2days)
O5 Gig: Word / PDF >>> Webpage (Smartest Way to present yourself) (7days)

Note: If you want Web base Resume. You should have a Domain and Hosting Place. If you don’t have, I would help you to get the domain and install it for free.
WARNING: If you need something low quality, unoriginal. I might not be the guy you want to hire.

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