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I will remove backgrounds or edit pictures in photoshop in 48 hours for $5

Hi! Thank you for viewing my Gig.

For $5 I will do one of the following services for you using Adobe Photoshop:

  • Photo background removal.
  • Photo background blurring (Provide focus to the main elements of the photo).
  • Photo background replacement or combining/merging of two photos.(+$5 | See Extras).
  • Removing unwanted objects from a photo.
  • Image retouching/cleanup (Enhance your photo by adjusting the color, balance, and remove undesired elements from your skin such as wrinkles or blemishes).
  • Changing colors on a picture (Eyes, Hair, Clothes, etc).
  • Enhancing of online product images.
  • Creation of Photo Collages.

    Includes .JPG and .PNG files. For best results please try to provide high quality photos.

    Please order one additional basic Gig ($5) for each extra service. If your requirement is not listed above, please contact me via inbox with the details of your request. I will send you a custom offer ASAP.

    For a quicker turnaround, please discuss the project before ordering and/or provide clear instructions. My main goal is that you have a 100% satisfaction with the product I deliver.

    I will not work on anything that is obscene, offensive or illegal.