I will remove malware and viruses from your computer for $5


I offer two phases for only $5 each, both of which are comprehensive guides with information provided by both myself and gathered collectively from some of the Internets foremost experts in IT security on how to remove malware and viruses from your computer and to harden your browser and protect you online!

These two guides are written in an easy to follow format with step by step instructions, images and links to download software and extensions to help you clean your infected computer and remain protected afterwards!

Phase 1 - Malware Removal Guide

This offers you easy to follow step by step instructions on how to remove unwanted malware and viruses from your computer, this includes links and tutorials for a plethora of FREE programs to help you remove these nasties from your computer and much more!

Phase 2 - How To Harden Your Browser And Stay Safe Online

In this guide I teach you how to tweak security settings for most of the major browsers and their variants and give you links to add ons/extensions that will help you harden your browser and protect you online.

If after all this you are still having problems then you can purchase my Remote Support Gigs for more info on them PM me!