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I Will Research And Write Health And Fitness Articles And Blog Post

You are allowed to add two extra images and three pdf file in the image , show to the potential buyer that you are more than capable of doing the job, by using this features,
it is advice from new seller to new seller
wish you luck

thank you soo much, but i don’t know how make video. I had use camtasia for making video but still its not uploading.
This type of video are not allowed.
something like this.

no that’s not what i am saying, i am saying to you when you create or edit options, you do have options for gallery and in gallery you can add images and pdf, check that options you will know what i am trying to say.

So use that options to show case to potential buyer your previous work, so you can gain some confidence, at the start it is going to be really difficult, so use every thing to show potential buyer, so he/she can trust you, i am here for 20 days i got two order, so it is going to be tough at the start
wish you luck