I will review and rate your music or book on Itunes and tweet


Do you need iTunes reviews for your music, podcast, book, or FREE film?

Let’s give your project a boost with a positive comment and rating!

Real human interactions on your store page will help others discover your work by ranking higher in the search engine results (SEO).

If your Item is not FREE please contact me. We’ll find a way.

When your item costs up to 6,99$ check out my extra gigs!

For $5, I will:

Write one positive and relevant iTunes review for your music, podcast, book, or free film.

Please note: I can only do apps that are available in the german store and free to download.

Leave a 5 star rating.

Vote up another positive review (if there are any).

As an extra I will tweet it to my 600+ followers

If you decide to move forward, information on how to proceed will be brought to you instantly after the order has been placed.

If you have a special request, please contact me before placing your order.