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I will review or advertise any game, application for $5

Note currently only includes:

-IOS games/apps.

-Only free/gifted purchased game(s).

Basic Gig:

In the basic gig I will include and do either A or B per gig:

A) For 2 IOS games/apps: Mainly for constructive criticism.

-Play both games/apps for 15 mins each.

-Give an editable word document for the pros and cons of each games/applications.

-Give both games/apps a personal honest score between 1 being poor and 10 being outstanding. (This will be included with the pros and cons, only the buyer will see this review for constructive criticism).

B) For 2 IOS games/app: Mainly for advertisement

Play both IOS games/apps for 10 mins each.

-I will give a max rating of 5 stars for both IOS games/apps on the App. Store.

-I will write a positive informative review in the App. Store.

-I will send you a snapshot of the review that I wrote through a document for visual proof. This snapshot will show the max ratings and the positive review.

Notice: Also please message me before you order anything, this will help both of us work flawlessly. I do consider custom orders so message away! If you are in the rare event unhappy with my work please message me immediately that way I can correct the problem.



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