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I will review your music and post it to our newsroom for $5


Hi Everyone,

For almost a year now we have been offering quality music reviews for artists hoping to gain more exposure and a bigger social presence, thus ‘make it big’.

Check out our Gig:

Your feedback is welcomed, thanks for taking a look!






I have, just got to get that suit on and make that speech! I feel it will definitely help with the Gig I just put online 2 minutes ago!

Thanks for the tip and reminding me to do it!




Any tips to give for the gig that I just set up:

I’m hoping you’ll have questions which will help improve the description, inclusions, exclusions and so on.

Thanks :slight_smile:



It’s all of those, thanks for the tips, I will look at rewording it.

As for the delivery time-frame, yeah, I came unstuck there. Since it’s a service for a whole month, I can’t quite deliver it under 29 days, but I couldn’t select a 31 day delivery time either…

That’s the only reason I’ve set it to a 21 day delivery.

Any further suggestions on this one?



"For just $5, we will set up, and manage the following accounts for you for 1 month: YouTube, SoundCloud, bandcamp, Facebook, and Twitter. Please note that you will need to provide content as this gig does not include content creation such as YouTube videos, reviews, or biographies. You should be contactable weekly, or more through Fiverr to help us keep you pages up to date and flourishing. Please contact us before ordering to discuss the nitty-gritty of this gig."

I still need to add the fact that they need to provide images, audio files and other materials for us to be able to set up these accounts.


Okay, thanks for your help and goodnight! I’ve suspended the gig for now, don’t want to void Fiverr’s terms. If anyone else can help with this question it would be greatly appreciated.