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I will say a prayer and repent your sins as a real father of the catholic church for $5


:latin_cross:ALL PROFIT DONATED TO MY CHURCHES LESS FORTUNATE FAMILIES​:latin_cross: Donating money is a kind act and is a good thing to do… I guess you could call it a good deed… Upon your donation, I will move myself into a candle lit room filled with frankincense incense burning, I will then say ‘The Lords Prayer’ followed by a special individual prayer just for you! I will then perform a cleansing and forgiveness ceremony which will clear your conscience and put your sins to rest! No sin or darkness is too big or too small to repent. Put your past to rest and repent your sins NOW whilst also helping the less fortunate! (helping others is a good thing and god will love it) feel free to send a picture of yourself/your family/friends and I will perform the prayers around the picture

Please help me, help the less fortunate families who attend my church! You are not obligated to do this but it is a great thing to do and as a bonus I will connect with the lord and give you forgiveness!



So is this a photo of you?