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I will screencap your favorite TV shows and movies for use as featured images for blogs!

This is an experimental gig I’m doing, I used to run a blog to showcase my love of movies and TV. I had the hardest time finding images to use for featured images. I hated asking each TV company for permission to use images for a show which took 3-5 days for a reply and then they send a sub-par pic. Well I found out that if I screencapture the image on my pc, and edit it the companies don’t care! Even the raw unedited images are fine because its free promotion!! Now this can vary by company and country but everyone loves free promotion and the images I cap are great for social media! I get many Instagram hits by editing the pics that I capped (@theblogsage) and giving the it a great hashtagging!

Check out my gig and let me research your show so I can find great moments in the show or movie to capture so you can review it like you always wanted!