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I will secure your WordPress site against hackers for $5

Is your WordPress web site secure? You may think that by ignoring the problem that you are not vulnerable to attack. Think it won’t happen to you? Think again. During one recent major attack over 40,000 attacks a minute were occurring all over the globe. Secure your site now. In minutes your site can be airtight secure with state-of-the-art technology.

I will secure your WordPress web site, scan it, & configure your security profile. Then provide a brief report.

Your site will be IMMEDIATELY protected from;

· Constant bot attacks attempting to Hack your Admin account,

· Constant spammers trying to Hack your Admin account.

· Losing complete access to your admin account,

· Unauthorized attempts to log into your Admin

· Potentially harmful Plugins.

· Potential harmful theme file modifications

You Can Add;

· Cell phone sign in

· Premium Support

· Country blocking

This service is not available for a site that has already been hacked. I will require your admin login and password to your WP. Have A Question? Please Contact me !!