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I will send powerful distant energy healing using tibetan qi gong

This healing technique is created by Master Jin Gang who has practiced Tibetan Qi Gong for many years. He spent years of time practicing it and created a technique that can heal pretty much everyone. This technique is very powerful and the energy comes from a secret energy field created by many Tibetan yogis.

Upon receiving the energy distantly you will feel the warm buzz going through all over your body, if you are sensitive enough, by just taking a look at these postures you will sense powerful energy, these postures are used for strengthening your connection with the energy field.

There is no age limit, it doesn’t matter whether you are strong or weak, if you have illness, it will heal you, if you are healthy, it can make you healthier. Just 10 minutes of the healing session can make a big difference.


  • feel energy fast, heal fast, repair your body

  • make you look energized

  • lower blood pressure and ease your nerve

  • make energy go through your whole body system

  • eliminate many type of diseases

  • detoxicate your body

  • strengthen your kidney function

  • and more

you will be able to tap into this energy field anytime even after the healing session