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I will send unlimited and genuine real website traffic

I will send unlimited and genuine real website traffic
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Why are you using the SKY UK logo (copyrighted) for your gig?


Why? Because being original requires a tiny bit of work, 99% of the sellers on fiverr are just trying to make a quick buck, it’s honestly sad too see, and gives us a poor reputation.

That hasn’t answered @english_voice question. The Sky logo is copywrited. Changing its colour or appearance does not create a loophole for the copywrite.

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I’m being sarcastic, obviously english voice knows that it’s copyrighted, and therefore I’m just stating my opinion that the majority of fiverr sellers copy other people’s images, look at proofreading, half of the profile pictures are copied pictures of someone’s laptop, or having a pen in their hand.

I don’t know why every package says “unlimited” if it’s actually a limited amount of traffic you are sending.

Also you say “UNLIMITED and genuine real Website TRAFFIC for 6 months”. You are only supposed to have a service duration up to 30 days.

Also like has been suggested, you shouldn’t have a Sky logo image for your profile that isn’t yours (due to copyright/trademarks).

@english_voice I have changed it already.

@uk1000 I think you haven’t read my gig details.

Why do you say that? Are you saying your gig doesn’t say “UNLIMITED and genuine real Website TRAFFIC for 6 months” like I said it did? Like I said after reading it, we’re only supposed to offer services up to 30 days. And if you gig is limited (your saying 60000 visitors total one place and 300 daily somewhere else), it’s not unlimited.

@uk1000 Please read Feature of Gig carefully.It says “6 months constant visits with no daily limits”(300 visitors minimum guaranteed & max can be more than 300). 29 days are required to do technical stuff.

There’s no such thing as “unlimited traffic”. That’s a lie. There are around 7 billion people on earth. That’s a limit right there.

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Guys Please read my gig carefully what “unlimited traffic” means. It means 300 visitors guaranteed & you can get more than that everyday.

@visualstudios you are right!:wink:

If I’m right, then change your gig.

@visualstudios Do you know anything about SEO and plz give me suggestions to improve it.

I know nothing about SEO. Apparently you don’t either, otherwise you wouldn’t be asking me.

If you don’t anything how you can you judge it?

Maybe because you’re just one of those tens of thousands of Fiverr newcomers who heard somewhere that you can make quick money here? Although you have no idea?

I’ll tell you right away: this won’t happen and you will stop soon.


I know unlimited traffic doesn’t exist, for one. And if a race car driver comes to me and asks me how to drive a car, I don’t need to have a driver’s license to know he’s a very bad race car driver.

If you don’t know anything about SEO then don’t judge it. It’s Humble request.:pray: