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I will send you a postcard from wherever I am in the world for $5

Current Location: Guildford, England, United Kingdom. Can send a postcard either from Guildford or from London, the choice is yours!

Hi everyone!

I am a full-time backpacker, travelling across the globe, moving around from city to city every couple of days.

What can you expect:
I will send a random picture postcard of wherever I am in the world. I will always update my Gig with my present location.
I will write a message of your choice on the postcard.
The Gig will be marked as “delivered” when I have sent your postcard - I will attach a picture of the postcard as proof. Please do allow up to 2 weeks for the postcard to arrive.

When ordering the Gig, please let me know the following:

  • the recipient’s name & address
  • your message
  • the sender’s name (and address if necessary)