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I will send you an image of a labyrinth to relax with


Hi Everyone,

This is my third and final active gig that I am promoting for the moment, but that’s plenty for one person, isn’t it? I create simple labyrinth designs that you can use as computer wallpaper or a printout to pin on your wall or cubicle. Just follow the path with your finger to de-stress with a few moments of peace during a busy day.

1 image of an already created labyrinth is 1 order for $5. Feel free to order more than one, though. Once you try it, the experience can be habit-forming, in a good way. If there is a special request for a particular type of background, I am sure I can accommodate.

If you want to know more about labyrinths, there is a companion sheet document that you can read to find out more.

Thank you for your interest!

Labyrinth Images to relax with