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I will send you my ORIGINAL United States' Bill Artwork

Good morning, everyone!

Courtesy of Mr. Professor Puppet (who helped with my Fiverr video), I had wanted to take a moment to share my U.S. bill artwork collection with everyone ehre.

You can see DELAWARE here:

Having apprenticed under some of the world’s leading currency/paper money artists, like J.S.G. Boggs, and having taken lessons from the U.S. Chief Engraver, I am really very excited to share this collection…

Currently 10 states in (I am currently working on state #11, New York), I have been working very hard on hand-drawing this collection, since early this year (2014).

I did a small handful fairly quickly, however, it generally takes me anywhere between 2-4 months to complete all the artwork and produce one of these.

My intent, right now, is to release 10 new state bills each year.

If you reside in the U.S., let me know what state you are from and if you would interested in something like this!

If the demand is high enough, I just MAY consider producing new ones slightly out of order…

I appreciate your time here everyone.


…and, here is my Pennsylvania original artwork bill…

I used Louisa Mae Alcott (author of the book, Little Women), for that one…

Here is my New Jersey bill (Anyone here from New Jersey?)

Here is my Connecticut bill:

And, Massachusetts…

Anyone here from any of those states? :slight_smile:

I consolidated them all, under the same gig listing, here:

Click on the 2nd picture to see all my state bills!