I will setup and configure your Linux Server or VPS for $5


If you have a fresh installation of a linux distribution on a server or VPS, I can setup and configure a fully functional and secure web server.

I can work with any of the following Linux distributions -

  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Fedora
  • CentOS
  • RedHat Apache Linux

    The first step would be to configure and install any necessary dependencies, update your server software and setup some basic security, this will include the following -

  • Creation of a separate user to manage your server
  • Installation and configuration of IP Tables (Firewall)
  • Secure SSH
  • Setup and configure security applications (BFD, etc.)
  • Update OS, Applications, Setup Date & Time, etc.

    The next step would be to install and configure the required dependencies to run your web server, this will include the following -

  • Apache or Nginx webserver
  • Any PHP dependencies you require
  • MySQL, MongoDB or CouchDB

    If you require multiple database, e.g. MongoDB and MySQL, there will be an additional cost for this. Just contact me.

    Finally, I will setup up to 1 domains on your web server. However, you will have to upload the files / content of your website.