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I will Setup Cloudflare & Configure SSL With Lifetime Support


I’m offering my services:

  • I will Install SSL on any domain or website
  • I will do CloudFlare SSL & DNS for all websites or blogs
  • SSL Security Certificate by CloudFlare will enable the green padlock before your site address. It will protect your site visitors and help them trust you!
  • I will Setup DNS records
  • I will Setup Page Rules & Firewall

What you will get here:

  • CloudFlare account creation
  • Setup your server DNS records to work with CloudFlare
  • Free SSL Setup; or
  • Paid SSL Setup
  • Page Rules & Firewall Setup

Free Extras:

  • I Guarantee LIFETIME Free Support & Consultations
  • 100% Quality Assurance
  • Support Even After Order Completion
  • Friendly Support

Why I’m offering lifetime free support? Because Cloudflare isn’t that kind of tool that needs further maintaining but in case of any problems - I got your back!


Here’s the link:

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Careful with the lifetime support thing… It’s actually against Fiverr’s TOS!

You can only offer up to 30 days I believe.


It’s against Fiverr ToS to provide orders longer 30 days duration. But this is free advises, communication after order is done. It’s something like you sent me a message and I respond with the solution or advise. This support for sure can convert to another order

Fair enough, and of course it’s your gig, so you must do as you think is right.

Personally, I wouldn’t include any mention of lifetime support… 1) it’s open to interpretation, and we all know that Fiverr CS sometimes interpret things the wrong way, and 2) let’s be honest here, it’s not something you’re going to honour. If I message you in 10 years time, you’re not going to want to help me for free, just because I paid you $10, 10 years ago (and I wouldn’t blame you!)…

But good luck to you, hope the gig is a success :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well, It’s possible that I will be already out of this business. :smiley: But actually, as long as I’m refreshing my dashboard every 10 seconds and waiting for orders - I can offer this kind of support. :slight_smile:

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“One who doesn’t listen to advice will not get old.” (Spanish adage)

In any case, you may contact CS asking if that’s allowed and, thus, clearing any doubt.


@maitasun Sure, I will! :slight_smile:


According to Fiver’s Terms of Service
More Here :
Read More in Gigs Section
A seller can not sell a service which (Services that extend beyond 30 days of service duration) .
So , Read the terms carefully and safe your account from suspension.


Support can be a simple question so in this case, Support != Service.