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I will show you how to optimize your nutrition!

Reading about theories of aging is one thing. Daily caring for people 3-4 times your age is a completely different thing and I started to connect the dots. I noticed some people aged like wine and others aged like vinegar. According to their skinny frames and detailed lifetime stories, it looked like calorie intake had something to do with it. That’s how I got started in typing the first words for this book.

There is a fine line separating calorie restriction with optimal nutrition from starvation. Don’t cross it. Read this book instead.

By ordering this gig, you will receive a DIGITAL copy of my book called ‘Eat less, live longer - your practical guide to calorie restriction with optimal nutrition’.
This copy is for your PERSONAL use only.
You’ll need a free account on Smashwords to download it after ordering this gig.
Thank you!