I will show you how to setup your own autoresponder for your business


If You Are Using A Commercial

Autoresponder Company You Are

Getting The Shaft!

Strong statement I know, but hear me out.

What if I could show you how to run your own, near bullet proof, ultra high delivery rate autoresponder for Free?

(The small cost of this offer is nothing compared to monthly autoresponder fees)

What if I told you that I can show you how to EASILY

set it up and run it all from a wordpress site?

Quite honestly, for many of you out there, paying a monthly bill for an autoresponder is just plain stupid! It’s 100% true. The VAST majority of you will never even come close to making back the money you spend on a autoresponder.

For most of you out there, spending money on an autoresponder service is akin to flushing dollar bills down the toilet . . . and you know it! The problem is, that you may someday may need that autoresponder, does that sound familiar?

I have put together a product that’s going to take you by the hand and show you step by step, how to set up your own autoresponder, how to Get AWESOME delivery, and have MORE features than MOST commercial autoresponder services!

This isn’t some “hacked together” lame offer. This is the real deal, it works today and will only work better in the future!

Send out 1million leads campaign for just 20cents with 99 percent inbox delivery





Hi. Is this offer still usable?

Borge Hansen